Marriage Certificate

Marriage Certificate is very important document and it is considered as conclusive marriage proof. Every newly married couple is required to register marriage with concerned marriage registrar office and/or compulsorily apply for marriage certificate within sixty days of their wedding.

You may have to pay penalty charges in case you delay applying for marriage certificate beyond 60 days and these penalties further increase if delay happens to be more than extended period of 120 days. Hence it is vital to apply for marriage certificate as soon as possible after your marriage and obtain marriage certificate in stipulated time.

In past days, marriage registration and applying for marriage certificate were very time consuming and hectic processes and there was lack of awareness among people about importance of marriage registration, roles of marriage registrar, concerned marriage registration offices, etc. but time has changed now as legal service providers facilitate online marriage registration and our Miscellaneous Services make marriage certificate online registration very much easier and hassle free for you.

What are the benefits of Marriage Certificate?

  1. It serves as conclusive proof of Marriage

  2. It makes several government/non-government processes like adding spouse name on Passport/Visa, opening joint bank account, availing tax benefits, etc. much easier and simpler

  3. It helps to protect your rights against false denial of marriage and in case of unfortunate civil/criminal family related disputes like divorce cases, maintenance cases, dowry demands, claiming child custody, etc

  4. It makes easier for nominated spouse to claim proceedings from PF account, Bank accounts, Mutual Funds, Insurance Policies, etc. of deceased spouse

  5. It eases the claims to wealth and property of your deceased spouse and can also be utilized to complete the probation of their Will.

What is overall process for Marriage Registration?

  1. Marriage registration application need to be submitted in the respective marriage registrar office in whose jurisdiction the husband or wife resides.

  2. Application form must be signed by both husband and wife.

  3. Application form must accompany all required documents and requisite fee has to be paid to the authority.

  4. Applicant must get the receipt for the submitted application and will get tentative date for certificate issuance. Both parties along with witness has to be present on the mentioned date.

  5. On above mentioned date, Applicant and witness will be asked to sign on the registry to endorse their marriage. Subsequently the Certificate will be issued on the same day for the already solemnized marriage.

What are commonly required documents for Marriage Certificate?

  1. Birth Proof: Birth certificate or School Leaving Certificate or SSC Result

  2. Identity Proof: Aadhaar Card

  3. Residential Proof: Ration card or Light bill or Property Index II or Passport. If the parties are licensee, then Registered Leave and License agreement

  4. Witnesses: Three witnesses who have attended Marriage. Each Witness should submit one passport size photo along with Aadhaar Card as their identity proof

  5. Two passport size photographs of parties

  6. At least two photos of Bride and Groom taken during marriage rituals showing Bride and Groom in marriage dresses and wearing garlands to clearly show marriage solemnization.

  7. Marriage Invitation Card.

  8. Divorce Decree in case either of the party is divorcee.

  9. Death Certificate of spouse, in case of widow/widower.

Note: This article is for informational purposes and you are required to consult your lawyer for your specific case. You may seek legal counseling from us in case you need any legal assistance. Thank you for taking time to read this article, hopefully it helps you.!!

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